How your business can benefit from BetterPoints

Get involved in BetterPoints programmes to raise the profile of your business or organisation; to encourage footfall, increase sales and support your local community.

Go to Get Started in the top right corner of the home page and register as a user of BetterPoints. Once you are logged in, choose Create Partner and fill in your organisation's details. A notification will be sent to BetterPoints and we will endeavour to approve your application within 5 working days. Once we have approved your application you will receive a confirmation email and will then be able to see Partner Admin in your menu on the right-hand side of the BetterPoints website. You can add information to your page from here and create vouchers for people to spend their BetterPoints on. These may be:

  • Cash value vouchers (giftcards), e.g. £10 Morrison voucher.
  • Offer voucher, e.g. 20% off, £5 off purchases over £10 etc.

BetterPoints programme managers are happy to help you to create these vouchers, see contact details below. You can also contact us if you would like to put up a one-off or regular prize for a prize draw or if you would like to match a BetterPoints prize for charity e.g. we may run a £100 prize draw, £50 for the winner and £50 for a local charity or organisation of their choice. All prizes are publicized through our social media channels and to the press.

How does it work?

A programme participant earns BetterPoints for recording healthy activity with the BetterPoints app such as walking, cycling or running. When the participant has enough BetterPoints, they can redeem them for a voucher. The voucher can then be presented at POS. Vouchers may be:

  • E-giftcards with unique codes and/or scannable QR/bar codes
  • Physical vouchers with unique codes and/or scannable QR/bar codes (which you will need to arrange to send out)
  • Discount vouchers that can be displayed on the mobile app (no need to validate)

BetterPoints has a merchant option on the mobile app to scan QR codes for validation of vouchers (important for cash value vouchers.) Alternatively, partners can provide EAN13 bar code for automatic redemption at POS.

What kinds of offers should I set and how do I create vouchers in the system or make another kind of offer?

Examples of offers include:

Leisure centres, specialty stores (cycle shops), points of interest (heritage):

  • Free day/week/month membership at gym
  • Personal training session in park
  • Free cycle check with discount on service
  • Test ride an e-bike
  • Free admission on weekday afternoons

Coffee shops and restaurants:

  • Promote offers around certain times of day or to include an instant reward, e.g. walk or cycle at least 0.5 mile to location and get a free coffee or tea

Promotional events

  • Promote offers to include an instant reward, e.g. walk or cycle at least 0.5 mile to event and get a 50% off admission
  • Visit at least 5 partners at event (scan QR codes) and collect a prize

As outlined above, you can create your own vouchers using the Create Voucher form in the Partner Admin (found in the menu on the top right of the BetterPoints homepage) area of the BetterPoints website or you can request your local BetterPoints programme manager to help you to do this. If you would like to offer a one-off prize draw or sponsor a 'pot' of BetterPoints to reward people in your community, please contact us.

Once you have started to reward people in your community you will see your BetterPoints balance in the Partner Admin area. BetterPoints in your account may be turned back into money and transferred to you once they reach 20,000 points or on a monthly basis, or they may be reinvested in the programme. This will depend upon the agreement between partners, programme sponsors and BetterPoints. For more information please contact the BetterPoints Programme Director, Hannah Bowden on