Make little changes to your everyday habits to stay healthy

Public health officials suggest swapping the lift for the stairs, and replacing online shopping with a walk to the supermarket.

According to a recent article in The Telegraph, the country's chief medical officer is urging the public to make “little changes” to their everyday habits, warning that sedentary modern lifestyles have become one of the most pressing health problems facing the nation.

“We’ve gone from hunter-gatherer to grocery carrier to simply signing the delivery note,” a public health official told The Telegraph.

Government guidelines recommend doing 20 minutes of “muscle strengthening” exercise twice a week, on top of aerobic exercise. This could be achieved by a couple of journeys with heavy shopping, digging in the garden, or by weight-lifting or yoga.

“It’s the daily routine that’s key,” says Professor Kevin Fenton, director of health and wellbeing, Public Health England. “Carrying the groceries home, taking the stairs, walking to the next bus stop before getting on. Anything we all can do to use our muscles more and raise our heart rate regularly will help prevent musculoskeletal problems and improve our overall health.”

Source: Telegraph