Hounslow mum makes the most of the parks for free exercise and time with her son

28 November 2016

Monika Karwacka joined BetterPoints in April 2016 and has earned thousands of points since then by walking in parks in Hounslow.

Monika is a photographer, and says she has always led a very active life: cycling, running, walking and swimming regularly. A year ago she gave birth to her first child. After such a big life change it’s easy to let good habits slip, but Monika didn’t.

I decided to never to give up on being active and one week after my son was born, every day, often twice a day, we started our daily walks,” she told BetterPoints. Monika learned about BetterPoints from a friend, and plans to use her points for vouchers to buy a present for her son.

Monika says her son, Ivo (pictured above) has become the centre of her universe, and they love to walk together in parks in Hounslow. Redlees Park is their first choice.

“All I can say walking is for free, it’s good for your body and mind, and it’s good for my baby too...so let's get off our sofas, don't give up walking no matter how lazy or tired we feel, or if the weather is not perfect.”

You too can track your activity, whether it be walking, running or cycling, and reward yourself and your world. Register here and see where your two feet can take you.

Photo credit: Monika Karwacka